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All taxable entities which intend to begin an economic activity in Portugal are bound to hire the services of a Certified Accountant recognized by the Certified Accountants Association.

It is a profession of public interest and one of its main obligations is to accept liability for the technical regularity of the accounting and tax areas.

We are responsible for planning, organizing and carrying out the accounting of the companies with which we work, and the Certified Accountant is the privileged interlocutor between these companies and the Tax Authority.

Matching of accounts with the Spanish accounts plan.

In Portugal, the chart of accounts must observe a certain structure provided for in the standard in force, SNC (Accounting Standardization System).

That means that is mandatory to observe the codes and the correspondent nature up to the accounts and subaccounts’ levels provided for in the SNC’s accounts code and the creation of new subaccounts is possible from that previously established level.

To obtain reports and statistics at a Group level, sometimes it is from the general accounting that the management information is obtained, resulting in the need to adapt the chart of accounts to the business, obviously within the legislative framework, and furthermore, in business groups in which the information extracted from the Portuguese company’s accounting is compared to the information extracted from the parent company’s accounting, with a different chart of accounts.

Preparation of the financial statements and closure of accounts

  • We may carry out the account at our premises or monitor, supervise and assume the liability for the accounting carried out at the customer’s domicile, aiding on the accounting and tax procedures.
  • We devise all financial statements and prepare periodical reports which allow to analyse the company’s economic and financial situation at any moment.
  • We carry out the closure of annual accounts and correspondent documents for the presentation of accounts.

Either regarding the beginning of an activity or an existent one, in Susana Queirós Business & Consulting we shall efficiently comply with the Portuguese law.

We prepare and report the following taxes:

  1. IRC – Corporate income tax
  2. IRS – Personal income tax
  3. VAT – Value-added tax
  4. IS – Stamp duty
  5. IUC – Single Road Tax
  6. IMI – Municipal tax
  7. IMT – Municipal tax on the transfer of properties

We comply with the following tax obligations:

  • IES – Simplified business information: Annual statement with accounting, tax and statistical information, which complies with the obligation to register the provision of accounts.
  • Tax file.
  • Transfer pricing documentation, if applicable.

From adapted management support to the parent company’s reporting models, with the following objectives:

  • Articulate the management with the corporative strategy and measure the performance
  • Articulate the information model with the Group’s objectives
  • Promote a homogenous informational culture and operative
  • Build a common model for the information exploitation

In the case of any inspection or clarification request by the Tax Authority: interlocution with the Tax Authority regarding the requested clarifications, meetings, right to a prior hearing, preparation of documents and written responses.

Only some companies are bound to the issue of an opinion on the financial statements (the public and private limited companies which surpass, for two consecutive years, two of the three limits established by no. 2 of article 262 of the Commercial Companies Code and others). Nevertheless, the company and the market demand information issued by a Chartered Accountant aiming to increase the transparency and trust of the companies’ interests groups.

The opinion on the financial statements is a report issued by an external Chartered Accountant, which expresses his/her opinion on the annual accounts presented by a company.

It is the result of an accounting audit process, which translated into the review of the annual accounts, aiming to prove that they reflect a true and accurate image of the company’s situation.

For the correct interlocution between the Certified Accountant and the Chartered Accountant, the entire process must be developed as efficiently as possible.

In Susana Queirós Business & Consulting, we assistant and may represent your company before any public institution or company, governmental body or private company.

Preparation and organization of ordinary and extraordinary general meetings; legalization and maintenance of the official books.

Branches and Subsidiaries with all formalities inherent to the beginning of activity’s process.

When compared with other European countries, it is easy to incorporate a company in Portugal and there are no restrictions on the ownership of shares of the above-mentioned companies, being possible to have a company 100% held by foreign citizens.

There are three ways to set up a company in Portugal:

  • Company on the spot: Special scheme for the immediate incorporation of companies.
  • Online incorporation: Incorporation of companies online.
  • Traditional incorporation.

On the several public adjudication stages, provided for in the “Public Contracts Code”.

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