Consultancy and Management in the Human Resources Area

In Susana Queirós Business & Consulting, we are aware of the importance of a company’s human resources management. Therefore, for us, it is a key aspect.


The basic law within the Labour Law in Portugal is patent in the “Labour Code”. There is also a set of regulations which, together with this law, govern the labour activities, for instance the collective regulation instruments.

Some of the values and rights actively defended in the labour law are the following: the employee’s protection (disease or occupational accidents), the non-discrimination by sex or race, the equality of opportunities, the protection in maternity and paternity, the right to professional training and the participation of the employees’ representatives in the company’s daily life.

In Susana Queirós Business & Consulting, we carry out the entire labour administrative management of your company, including, among others, the following services:

  • Communications (bond and termination) to Social Security
  • Communications (bond, termination and contractual amendments) to FCT (Work Compensation Fund) and to FGCT (Guarantee Work Compensation Fund)
  • Communications to ACT (Authority for Work Conditions)
  • Communication of occupational accidents, etc.

The processing of the salaries is one of the most important processes for the administration of the companies. Currently, there are countless tools to ease, optimize and automatize all activities regarding the processing of salaries and, in SQBC, we have the best ones.

The most important aspects to consider are the following:

  • Social Security
  • Tax withholding
  • Payment of benefits and bonuses
  • Operating hours and work time
  • Vacations, absences and supplementary work
  • Type of contract

Monthly renumerations statement (DMR): Monthly submission to Social Security of a statement regarding each of the employees, including the remuneration’s amount subject to the incidence of contributions, work times and applicable contributes rate.

Issue of the correspondent payment document.

  • Monthly renumerations statement (DMR): Monthly submission to Tax Authority of a statement with the dependent work income (category A), including the income waivered from tax withholding, the exempt and the excluded, as well as the correspondent IRS retentions, mandatory contributions for social protection schemes and legal health subsystems and quota unification.
  • Issue of the annual income and retentions statement to deliver to the employee.
  • Submission of Model 10 – (Annual Income and Retentions Statement – Residents) to the Tax Authority.

Salary supplements. They are additional benefits to the salary provided to the employees and derive from the specific conditions of the employee, his/her performance or company’s situation and results, for example, the assignment of Child Tickets.

Calculation of the net salary to receive, considering the specific conditions of each employee with impact on the rates and taxes to pay.

It is necessary to maintain an updated database with all relevant data of the employees for administrative and legal purposes.

The scheduling of vacations may be made in an annual staff vacation map, according to the provisions in the Labour Code.

The employer must prepare and display this vacation map, with the indication of the beginning and end of each employee’s vacation, until 15 April of each year, and keep it displayed on the work premises between this date and 31 October.

The Human Resources Report is an annual document regarding the company’s social activity, comprising the report itself and six annexes:

  • Annex A – regarding the staff framework
  • Annex B – employees’ entry and exit flow
  • Annex C – annual report of continuous training
  • Annex D – annual report of the safety and health service’s activities
  • Annex E – eventual strikes
  • Annex F – regarding the information on eventual services providers.

The information on this document always regards the previous year and its submission is exclusively carried out electronically, usual between 16 March and 15 April.

In Susana Queirós – Business & Consulting, we want to be a reliable partner for your business, offering a full service to enter and operate within the Portuguese market, with a single interlocutor who speak your language.

Therefore, we work with companies of sectors supplementary to the business and which are not our specialty, such as insurance companies and companies which provide services within the scope of occupational health and safety.

In Portugal, it is mandatory to enter an occupational accidents insurance and have a services provider within the scope of occupational health and safety for the promotion and prevention of the occupational health and safety.

We help our customers obtain the most advantageous proposals for each of these services.

We hold collaboration agreements with jurists specialized in Labour Law, which easies the provision of the following services:

  • Support on the compliance with the labour law in force
  • Employment contracts
  • Dismissals
  • Disciplinary proceedings
  • Contract’s termination calculation (vacations, subsidies, indemnities, etc.)

Do you need labour consultancy for your company?

SUSANA QUEIRÓS – BUSINESS & CONSULTING Contact us and we shall clarify all your doubts.

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